Video Optimization & Advertising

According to Google, 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube. For enterprise marketers, it’s obviously not about the dancing cat, but about the increasing consumption of Video for B2B and B2C brands at exponential rates. Smart marketers are leveraging all of their digital assets to convey their messaging, reach more customers and impact their bottom lines.

Video SEO

Acronym’s team of strategists can help your organization fully optimize and syndicate your Video content across all of the major channels –from YouTube, Vimeo, and Vine, to smaller niche communities targeting highly qualified and relevant audiences. Executed correctly, in many cases a brands Video link can take up an additional placement on the SERP.

Acronym can guide you towards maximum exposure and visibility through:

Intent-Based Video Advertising

The continued growth in the Video space has spawned significant efforts to monetize this medium though advertising within Video channels or promotion of Video content. Acronym considers Video an integral part of a digital strategy. Promotion on these channels (and of the assets themselves) can often lead to new opportunities and reach an audience beyond traditional ad content.

Acronym works on leveraging Video assets across channels and uses its strong test-centric approach throughout all media strategy. This ensures the right video content is shown in the strongest channel and best context. Our paid Video strategy engagements include a combination of:

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