Intent-based Social Solutions

There’s no silver bullet to social success.  There, we said it. But as an intent-based global leader, we are committed to helping large enterprises understand intent and connect the dots from social intentions to digital analytics. Ultimately, creating the shortest path from customer to revenue.

Social conversations are all about keywords through intent expressed in tone, proposition, curiosity, taste and sentiment.  Acronym deciphers intent to better target customers and increase revenue from social.

Participating in Social networks is no longer an option. Not only will an optimized and cohesive Social strategy help your search efforts, but not doing so will negatively impact search performance.

SEO For Your Social Profiles

For several years, Social Media and SEO were thought of as two separate practices and independent of each other.  At Acronym, we believe they have merged into one solidified initiative.  As search engines continue to integrate signals or authority and engagement from social media channels into their organic ranking algorithms it is imperative that Brands have cohesive strategies that work in tandem to achieve maximum visibility and ROI.

The list of social media communities is almost limitless.  From Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube to smaller and more niche and vertical specific sites, how do you know which to invest in?  How do you determine the opportunity of each?  This is where Acronym excels.  Through a complete understanding of company goals, available assets and analysis on where relevant audiences are most active, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process:

Intent-Based Social Advertising

Acronym’s paid social strategy selects the most targeted ad formats and platforms that are aligned with our clients goals.  Our paid placements are used to accelerate the growth of existing social content and promote targeted pages and content within the social spaces relevant to our Clients’ customers.

Acronym puts a heavy focus on performance-driven social advertising.  Our placements are measured and further optimized to deliver tangible results to Clients. The foundation to tracking a true ROI is done through a detailed upfront tracking implementation and social optimization decisions are made based on analysis driven by our strong analytics background.

Our Paid approach is integrated alongside existing client social and advertising efforts, and can include:

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