Mobile Optimization & Advertising

The latest statistics from Google: 30% of all searches are mobile. Yes, that is mostly tablet today, but as smart phones get larger and tablets get smaller, the two almost become one. Enterprise marketers must have a multi-screen environment strategy.

Prime example: if you don’t have Chrome on all your devices, get it…quickly. This is where the digital world is headed. Open a tab on your smart phone and surf a site while in a taxi, and when you open your browser on your tablet or desktop at home, you are open to the same tab, same page! The benefits to marketers are fantastic.

Responsive design (it’s not for everyone), dedicated mobile sites, standalone applications: which is right for you

Acronym provides the leadership in thought and strategy to guide the decision-making process through informed analytics and ensures search marketing best practices are baked in from the ground up.

Mobile SEO

Mobile isn’t just about your own website and applications.  The concept of mobile and local search optimization is quickly blending into one initiative. Every day, your customers are searching for your content from a variety of locations – Yelp, FourSquare, TripAdvisor, the list is almost endless. Acronym is there every step of the way to ensure your brand shows up no matter where the audience is looking.

Mobile Paid Search

Acronym’s media strategy considers cross-platform and device targeting. We ensure unique content, ads and bids are configured specifically for mobile devices, and testing is applied to understand the user intent on your content across devices.

Mobile ad options are plentiful, with most ad formats having a mobile setting alongside several unique ones specific to the channel. The Acronym team develops a placement strategy for mobile that includes formats tied to response goals. These include:

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