Enterprise SEO

Every day, more than 40 percent of the words and phrases people use to search have never before been used for that purpose.

What makes this statistic so critical is that it reveals the limitations of standard SEO with a managed keyword approach:  Working exclusively against a targeted keyword list may increase page rankings, but today’s global enterprises must derive more from their SEO dollars.

More specifically, once you’ve achieved organic ranking visibility, once you’re attracting thousands, even millions of weekly unique views across dozens of web properties, once you’ve tackled your major keyword targets, then what?

Acronym has pioneered intent-based SEO solutions that find opportunity where others just see data, find customers where others just find keywords.

Our Keyword Objects™ SEO technology allows us to be more inclusive:  We track every single search phrase, every visit to your sites. We learn about the language customers use, where they went, what path they traveled, what they returned to, what they downloaded.  In short, we learn about customer intent, a key factor in getting customers to you faster.

We help our Clients dominate search engine results pages, increase share of-voice, and relate more closely to customers through a combination of:

Relentless competitive intelligence gathering

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