Enterprise Paid Search

By 2016, paid search is expected to grow by 75% to become a $61.1 billion industry. The reason is obvious: it works. And it continues to be the core revenue driver across most digital plans.

Acronym makes paid search work smarter because our technology lets us better understand intent and “hear” consumers more clearly.

It allows us to gain deeper insights from the actions they take throughout their engagement with the ads, messages and journey through the content.

Intent is the factor that means the most in building and modifying campaigns – from search engines, social media, display, YouTube and other emerging media trends. The more information uncovered about customer intent, the more resonant and relevant our Clients’ content and campaigns become in every context in which they are placed.

Our Keyword Objects™ technology integrates bid management data, web analytics and virtually any data source.  This gives us the unique ability to make thousands of optimization decisions within seconds and introduce a genuinely different testing strategy and way of handling large volumes of PPC data.

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