Digital Analytics

Analytics involve tool sets and  reports– these features are givens, not differentiators. Analytics tools, alone, will not turn over the motor that drives visitors to customers.

In our eyes, analytics is insight: Who are your customers? What do they want? What do they do – or not do – on your site? From full-scale tool implementation and process automation, to intensive site analysis and training, we help large enterprises navigate their massive amounts of dynamic marketing data to find insights enabling companies to better serve their customers online and off.

Implementing, re-implementing and/or evaluating an analytics tool can be done in a number of ways.

Acronym only recognizes successful implementations in one way—customized for the marketers’ needs.

Technical implementations are typically done by technicians who may not understand the complexity of your business or marketing needs. Acronym’s approach is to understand the needs of the marketers who will be interpreting the data, discussing which metrics are important, and how they would like this information presented through the analytics reports.   It is imperative to have a marketing strategy guiding the technicians in order to retrieve the data that provides the most relevant and valuable insight.

Acronym brings a decade of experience to every Client. We uncover potential gaps in your tracking, identify additional activities worth measuring, and gain an understanding of how effective your website is overall at converting your visitors into customers. You can also rely on our analytics team to help with strategy and technical expertise. Highlights of our services include:

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