KO SEO - Enterprise Search Intelligence

Customers are dynamic, so are your keywords.

You have hundreds of stakeholders across a plethora of web properties – all with varying KPIs and goals. You need keyword intelligence to make smarter and faster SEO decisions so you can find and prioritize those big wins and maximize revenue for your Enterprise.

There’s no replacement for human ingenuity. So why on Earth would you spend your time trying to organize and aggregate the data when you could be analyzing it?  

Keyword Objects™ (KO) is the first search intelligence technology built to unite disparate data sources across channels into a single, predictive dashboard. That means less time identifying actionable intelligence and more time taking action.

40% of daily organic keywords have never been encountered before.

Stop managing lists. Your customers are dynamic, and so are your keywords. Once you’ve achieved organic ranking visibility, once you’re attracting thousands, even millions, of weekly unique views across dozens of web properties, once you’ve tackled your major keyword targets, then what? Keyword lists limit your potential to find new opportunities.  With Keyword Objects, you view all your keywords, better understand intent and gain intelligence from the new ways your customer use to find you.

Your Watch Sucks.

What if your watch looked like this?    How many hours have you spent trying to pull disparate data sets together to get a full picture of SEO/PPC synergy, individual keyword performance, and goal fulfillment across multiple channels?  How about which SEO recommendations have the largest impact on your SEO revenue?  Stop wasting your time. Get a better watch.