Enterprise Keyword Management

This is Katie.

Katie is an event planner living in San Francisco. She runs five miles every day in one of her six different pairs of running shoes (depending on how hard she’s training). She ran the Boston Marathon in college ­­– and she’s still loyal to the Adidas® TechFit™ sports bra that supported her over those 26.2 miles. Katie’s husband, Mike, runs with her every day. He’s worn Under Armour© since his high school football days ­– and he relies on ThermaCare® HeatWraps to soothe his old injuries. Katie and Mike just found out they’re going to be parents. Of course, they have no interest in slowing down, so Katie has been searching daily for great deals on “jogging strollers.”

Keyword = Customer.


It’s time For Enterprise Keyword Management (EKM).

It’s not news that most mid-size and enterprise-level companies are experiencing challenges handling massive amounts of data on every aspect of company operations. With the rapid and continuous growth in volume and complexity of available and valuable data, the job hasn’t become easier. The increasing focus on digital analytics and seemingly established expectation of close-to-real-time availability of performance data and insights makes Big Data in marketing a challenge. Core business applications (CRM, ERP) have been making quantum leaps in their ability to handle data, automate processes, and support decision making.We have also seen tremendous growth in the number and sophistication of specialized solutions for niche data challenges (PLM, DAM). Yet, the richest and the fastest growing source of enterprise data has been the online realm. Seemingly the only notable enterprise software category to emerge specifically for the online channel has been ‘web analytics.’ From customer-facing websites, to online ads, to social destinations, an unparalleled abundance of real-time, rich data and a newly unique ability to zero in and analyze the target customer segments.

Search marketing accounts for a bulk of online ad spending and proves to be the most data intensive marketing channel.

The growth of search spawned dozens of well-designed point solutions to handle specific aspect of search marketing execution including keyword research, campaign setup, bid management, rank checking, competitive intelligence and linking tools.  Yet none of the above solutions have attempted to create a unified repository of rich keyword data. A typical enterprise-size corporation is likely to face a task of managing thousands (often millions) of keywords across a number of engines/ad platforms, for multiple products, with dedicated landing pages, in multiple languages with terabytes of granular historical performance data.  This data is coming in real-time and requiring extensive processing, analysis, reporting and optimization. Enterprise keyword management is difficult, labor intensive, and costly. Yet the tools to solve these problems didn’t exist – until now.  There is a clear market need for a specialized solution to handle this new type of enterprise data, making it easily accessible, operational, interoperable and tightly integrated with other enterprise data platforms. 

Introducing Keyword Objects… a first-of-its-kind search intelligence platform built to aggregate, organize and analyze keyword data for what it really is: a rich source of unparalleled customer intelligence.