Founded by Anton Konikoff, Acronym is a global leader in intent-based marketing solutions.

Once upon a time there was a young Russian student studying business and marketing in the United States who had a vision: how to get companies found on the worldwide web. Yes, this was pre-Google, so even the term keyword wasn’t really used yet.


Acronym is born.

In 1995, Anton Konikoff, a true pioneer in search marketing, started Acronym with a unique view from the top of the Empire State Building, and an even more unique obsession: he spent every waking moment (and we think even sleeping moments) thinking about keywords and their implications to defining a customer.

While most search agencies in the early days were focusing on the quantity and acquisition of more Clients, we were focusing on quality and depth of Client relationships – learning the language of our Client’s business and the language of their customers. With these deep relationships came the depth of keyword intelligence. As an agency we quickly learned that understanding the intent behind keywords provided our team with brilliant insight into the customer; enabling us to target them quicker maximize revenue for our Clients

We studied intent by connecting the dots from keyword to customer and eliminating the barriers between them. This meant we had to dig deeper and focus on web analytics to understand expressed intent and its relationship to behavior on websites.


Enterprise search & web analytics

It was the turn of the century and web analytics was only available on log files via CD-ROM. As it advanced to online tracking tools, we were always first to figure out how to differentiate between PPC and SEO and track revenue back to a keyword.

In 2003, when our competitors were broadening into digital marketing and trying to find new marketing mediums given the burst, we deepened our knowledge of customer intelligence derived from keyword intent. We knew early on that search would be the largest driver of revenue for Clients because a marketer can truly personalize the experience to customers based on the keyword – a direct proxy for customer intent.

This strategy positioned us well with large enterprises, and our differentiation focused more on the intelligence, insights and maximizing revenue from search. We decided to invest in two areas – search technology and web analytics.


Advanced analytics & keyword intelligence

With search technology, we specialized in enterprise search by building automated tools and custom platforms to meet the demanding needs of enterprises. Mass-market search platforms were just not enough and bid management tools helped with only one component of SEM – bids.  We needed technology to help us leverage keyword intelligence so we could make smart decisions – FAST. We optimize using human ingenuity and not just bidding algorithms, rules or SEO auditors. Search Intelligence has constantly helped our Clients target their customers FASTER and SMARTER.

Web analytics intelligence was now a requirement for us, not just for tracking keyword revenue, but for understanding customers and the barriers that prevent them from converting.


Keyword Objects & web analytics implementation & customization

In 2008 we quickly discovered that most web teams (the folks that were owning the digital analytics tools), were not implementing web analytics correctly. They were viewing web analytics implementations from a technical site perspective, as opposed to a marketing perspective. Search teams were the first to demand this be done right because search was the first medium where this information could be tracked back from keyword to customer through digital analytics. It was then that we decided to help enterprises implement analytics from a marketers viewpoint. This put us at the forefront of marketing attribution, helping Clients track across all their digital marketing.

2013 and beyond…

Intent-based marketing solutions:  search, analytics & social

As the web and big data marketing continues to evolve, digital advertising platforms get smarter as they race to compete with search media budgets. The greatest opportunity exists among social networks, which are getting closer and closer to targeting based on intent. The Holy Grail is soon to come when marketers can mine social data to target specific customers based on what they express. When this time comes, it is search marketers that are best positioned to understand intent, find customers, and maximize revenue.

Our key strengths are helping enterprises find and target their customers by understanding intent to maximize revenue across all forms of communications. While most marketers look at a 2D view of your customer, we look at a 3D view, incorporating depth, interest, intent and everything in between.

Understanding intent helps marketers create personalized experiences – targeting customers at the right time, with the right content on the right device.

Our mission is clear: Use intent-based intelligence, derived from keywords, social interactions and digital analytics to increase revenue for our Clients and keep them ahead of their competitors. 

Keyword = Customer. Know Yours.