How wide is your keyword gap?

The keyword gap arises when a marketer has no common unit of keyword intelligence. Keyword intelligence data resides in PPC campaign performance, SEO visibility, web analytics platforms, CRM solutions, and in your website’s architecture. It affects the way others link to your website, and the way customers find you. Because intelligence on a particular keyword exists across multiple channels, it is difficult to aggregate and often impossible to segment, making the keyword’s value even harder to quantify.  Often the correct keyword results in an inexplicably high bounce rate – the keyword seems right, but somehow the right customers aren’t being properly targeted.

Each keyword interaction is a part of a conversation with the customer; and each keyword interaction – with discernible intent – is a transaction and therefore should be viewed as a new and effective marketing KPI.

Using advanced intra-keyword segmentation, Keyword Objects™ , Acronym’s proprietary technology, lets you dissect each keyword by cluster, url, campaign, region, or any other specified parameter. It is intelligence-based not simply on keywords (in a single dimension), but on keyword interactions.  It connects all sources of keyword intelligence across the enterprise and provides corporate decision makers at all levels with on-demand access to real-time granular keyword-driven intelligence.

Keyword Objects helps close the keyword gap and allows businesses to align vocabulary and language, across departments (e.g. Marketing, Sales, IT, etc), business units, and most importantly, between business and consumer – to power more focused and better performing PPC campaigns and SEO efforts.