Increase ROI for PPC Campaigns: Leveraging Google Match Types

Often overlooked in paid search campaigns is a suitable strategy for keyword match types, which determine the combinations and permutations of keywords that your company appears for. In an enterprise-level campaign with thousands of keywords, if you’re not monitoring match types closely you may be paying far more than you need to -or not appearing […]

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Semantic Keyword Research Is Not New

A trending topic in search strategy circles is semantic search and the impact it will have on search engine optimization as algorithms keep improving. The engines are now smart enough to determine a searcher’s intent by understanding the relationship between the words used in the search queries.  It’s now up to the search marketer to […]

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Google Shopping: Are You Ready For the New All-Paid Model?

The move by Google to switch to a completely paid model of Google Shopping is not as simple as it sounds. Yes, selling through Google will soon no longer be free, but there’s a lot more to the transition than just that. Google is combining its two business models into one unified entity that will […]

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5 Features of Highly Successful PPC Ads

Delivering the right ads to the right audience is only half the battle. As you’ll see, even with the right audience, there are still traps to avoid.

Took a look at these examples – taken straight from the SERPs – to uncover exactly what goes into a winning ad.

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Are Bid Management Tools Becoming a Fad?

Yahoo and Bing are consolidating. Google has all these new functionalities. Do I really need my bid management tool?

Find out what can’t be missed when choosing a bid management tool, as well as key points to consider in maintaining an effective PPC campaign.

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The Yahoo/Bing Merger: 6 Areas You Can’t Afford to Overlook

The big day is almost here. But are you really ready for the Yahoo/Bing merger?

Don’t get caught off-guard. With only a few weeks to go, it’s crucial that you’re ready for all aspects of the transition – from account settings and budgets to campaign options and rankings – and we’ve got the tips to make sure you’re covered.

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